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Invitation letter for Visa Application


EUROEXPO sends visitors or exhibitors of LogiMAT, who are citizens of countries requiring a visa, an invitation letter by fax or email.
Please provide us with your personal details for the invitation letter by filling out the “Invitation Form”. Be sure to fill out all mandatory fields, since only then your application can be processed.


For visitors, the issuance of an invitation letter is conditional on the purchase of 3 day-tickets for the fair.

Do not buy your ticket in the official ticket shop, you will receive it together with the invitation letter via email.
Therefore please transfer a total of € 100 to the bank account below:
€ 100 for 3 day-tickets incl. handling fee for the invitation letter


Please send your completely filled out "Invitation Form"
by email to


At the same time visitors transfer the amount of € 100 to our bank account.


Transfer data:
Remitee:   Euroexpo Messe- und Kongress-GmbH
Bank:   Deutsche Bank München
IBAN:   DE04700700100021444500
VAT registration no.:   DE812104196
Subject:   LogiMAT 2024 VISA + Companyname + Name of the applicant
Amount:   € 100


After we have received your payment over € 100 the invitation letter will be sent to you as soon as possible.