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Press Release: BEST PRODUCT Award Jury

Prof. Dr. Robert Schulz Joins LogiMAT BEST PRODUCT Jury

“Welcome aboard!” said Dr. Johannes Fottner, professor at TU Munich and chairman of the LogiMAT BEST PRODUCT jury, introducing the newest member: Dr. Robert Schulz, professor at the University of Stuttgart’s Institute of Mechanical Handling and Logistics (IFT). “I very much look forward to having your voice on the jury.”

Prof. Schulz studied mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart, going on to earn a doctorate in engineering there before pursuing his career at Dürr AG and later at Audi AG. After 17 years in the private sector, he returned to his alma mater in 2019 to head the Institute of Mechanical Handling and Logistics at the University of Stuttgart. Michael Ruchty, Exhibition Director of LogiMAT Stuttgart, is pleased to see another subject matter expert join the jury: “I greatly appreciate Prof. Schulz’s immediate willingness to take up the baton from his predecessor in this position, Prof. Karl-Heinz Wehking.”

Prof. Schulz already had a baptism by fire in his new role during this year’s Summer Summit, where he stepped in for Prof. Fottner to present the winners of the BEST PRODUCT award for 2021.

Prof. Schulz joins his six fellow jurors—with varied backgrounds in research, business, and journalism—to select the winners of the BEST PRODUCT award starting at the next LogiMAT, scheduled for March 2022 in Stuttgart.

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Munich, November 17, 2021—This text may be reprinted free of charge, but please send a copy to EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH, Press and Public Relations Department, 80912 Munich


Background information:

The BEST PRODUCT Award was initiated 17 years ago by the organizers of LogiMAT to honor the outstanding achievements of the exhibitors, many of whom are small or medium-sized businesses. Since that time, the award has honored innovative products that have made a significant contribution to streamlining processes, cutting costs, and enhancing productivity in the internal logistics of businesses. The BEST PRODUCT award is presented in three categories:

•    Software, Communications, IT
•    Order Picking, Conveying, Lifting, and Storing Technology
•    Identification, Packaging and Loading Technology, Load Securing
In the run-up to LogiMAT, an independent jury of scholars and journalists critically evaluates the submissions based on the aforementioned criteria, then selects the winners. The award has since been recognized as one of the most coveted distinctions in the intralogistics industry. Winners receive a medal and a certificate.

Members of the BEST PRODUCT award jury:

Prof. Johannes Fottner (Dr.-Ing.), Chair of the Institute for Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics at the Technical University of Munich (Jury President)
Prof. Rolf Jansen (Dr.-Ing.), Institute for Distribution and Retail Logistics (IDH) at the Society for the Promotion of Innovation in Logistics (VVL e.V.)
Jan Kaulfuhs-Berger from the industry journal Technische Logistik – Hebezeuge Fördermittel
Matthias Pieringer from the industry journal LOGISTIK HEUTE
Prof. Wolf-Michael Scheid (Dr.-Ing.), Association of German Engineers, Society for Production and Logistics (VDI-GPL)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Schulz, Institute of Mechanical Handling and Logistics, University of Stuttgart
Tobias Schweikl from the industry journal LOGISTRA