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LogiMAT 2018 in Stuttgart

LogiMAT 2018 – Close up on ground conveyors

With their overview of the very latest developments and innovations from all notable international manufacturers, exhibitors of ground conveyors at the 16th International Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management confirm the importance of LogiMAT as the world’s most important trade fair in their sector.



Rosy times for manufacturers of ground conveyors. In 2016 more than 1.15 million ground conveyors were supplied worldwide. This was 8.3 % more than the previous year. Manufacturers’ order books are still looking very healthy. According to current research, in 2016 almost 1.2 million new units were ordered across the five equipment classes – and initial surveys for 2017 promise further growth. All leading ground conveyor manufacturers will be present at LogiMAT 2018. In Halls 9 and 10 they will be showcasing the current innovations and new developments that are reinforcing and expanding their market position. Many of them will treat the 16th International Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management as a platform from which to launch new equipment for the first time before an international trade audience. Their products range from counterbalanced forklifts, narrow aisle equipment and ground conveyor series through to electrically-powered sidelift trucks for small businesses, as well as innovations in the sphere of battery technology. “Combined expertise in forklift trucks with an overview of the most recent developments and innovations from all internationally renowned ground conveyor manufacturers,” says Peter Kazander, Managing Director of EUROEXPO GmbH and LogiMAT Exhibition Director. “Never before have we witnessed so many new product launches at LogiMAT in the ground conveyor segment as there will be at the 16th International Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management.”

With 445,355 units (a rise of 1.7%), counterbalanced forklifts with combustion engine (classes 4 and 5) represent as always the largest product group internationally. Yet their market share has diminished noticeably in recent years and is currently 37.7% (down 2.1%). Electric motor ground conveyors, in particular ‘Class 3’ electric pedestrian trucks (406,649 units, up 14.3%), have experienced strong growth. Electric counterbalanced forklifts (Class 1) achieved 206,695 orders in 2016 (up 7.5%), about one third of the market share when considering only sales in counterbalanced trucks. For electrically powered trucks with a seat or standing platform (Class 2), manufacturers in 2016 recorded 123,399 orders (a rise of 8.4%) world wide.


Highly innovative international manufacturers

Class 1 to 3 machines therefore will be the focus of attention among the exhibits presented by ground conveyor manufacturers at LogiMAT. With electrically powered stackers in its A/X series (loadbearing capacity of 8 tonnes), Carer Deutschland GmbH (Hall 10, Stand D40) will be launching a new forklift range designed to facilitate the switch from combustion-engine stackers to environmentally friendly electrically powered vehicles, with speeds of up to 20 km/h, powerful acceleration, big batteries (up to 1,720 Ah) and 96 Volt technology. Their attraction includes, according to the manufacturer’s information, energy savings of up to 90% compared to conventional diesel forklifts and CO2 emissions up to 85 tonnes per year lower.

Burger Hub- und Transportmittel GmbH (Hall 9, Stand D77), sales partner to the Chinese ground conveyor pioneer Hangcha, will be presenting innovations in all three electrically-powered truck classes. The new CPD10-50 AC4-E four-wheel electric forklift to be shown at LogiMAT for the first time featuring, among other things, electrical parking brake, lateral battery extraction and redesigned fingertip control lever, completes the Hangcha range of electrically powered forklifts with up to 5t loadbearing capacity. New A-series high-reach forklifts with a load capacity ranging between 1.2 and 2.0 tonnes and lifting heights of up to 9,500 mm, cater for the Class 2 segment; new electric high-reach trucks with initial lift platform and loadbearing capacities of between 800 and 2,000 kg represent the pedestrian-controlled equipment range.

Austrian company Bulmor Industries GmbH (Hall 10, Stand H24) has set its sights on new target groups with its latest series designed for small and medium-sized businesses. With a new electric EQc-series sidelift truck with a lifting capacity of up to 4 tonnes, the manufacturer will be presenting for the first time at LogiMAT the “most compact vehicle in its class” for indoor and outdoor use. US manufacturer Landoll Corporation (Hall 10, Stand A15) will be showing at LogiMAT for the first time its new AC VNA Bendi, Model B3/30AC three-wheel forklift, which can pivot up to 220°. On-site exhibits by Linde Material Handling GmbH (Hall 10, Stand B19/B21) will include its new Linde R-MATIC automatic reach truck. Toyota Material Handling Deutschland GmbH (Hall 10, Stand A05) will be presenting its innovative OSE horizontal order picking truck with t-mote remote drive for picking at heights of up to 12 meters. Still GmbH (Hall 10, Stand B55/B61) will be bringing along its entire order picking fleet – including newcomers to the OPX horizontal order-picking truck range, the EK-X 10 vertical order-picking truck with loadbearing capacities up to 1,000 kg and the iGo neo CX 20 autonomous order picker. UniCarriers Germany GmbH (Hall 9, Stand D71) will be showing new models in its TX counterbalanced trucks series, fitted, among other things, with heated driver’s cab for outdoor use.


The advance of the lithium-ion battery

In parallel to their innovations in equipment classes which not least also encompass new developments in support systems, manufacturers and exhibitors in the ground conveyor segment are increasingly turning to lithium-ion batteries. Further reductions in CO2 emissions are a crucial factor in pushing forward the use of alternative drive concepts. In this context, A. Müller GmbH (Hall 10, Stand B40) will be demonstrating Lionbrix, a new modular lithium battery system. It enables the parallel or series connection of basic modules, depending on their intended use, and the batteries to be set precisely to the actual power consumption of the ground conveyor. New Zealand logistics batteries expert Enatel Motive Power Ltd. (Hall 10, Stand F72) will be presenting a world innovation in the form of the ‘Gamma’ high-voltage battery charger the attributes of which include 97% charging efficiency.

Ken Dufford, Crown Vice President Europe, is convinced that the examples we have mentioned show that LogiMAT has established itself “internationally as one of the most important trade fairs” for manufacturers and suppliers in the ground conveyor sector. It offers – often as a platform for product launches – a comprehensive overview of current innovations from manufacturers throughout the world. The informative accompanying programme also underscores the importance of LogiMAT, with specialist forums such as ‘DTS 4.0 Optimised Operating Efficiency’ (13 March, Forum E, Hall 9), ‘Transport and Handling – Autonomous Control and Operation’ (14.3. Forum A, Hall 1), ‘Lithium-ion Forklifts in Practical Logistics’ (15.3., Forum E, Hall 9) as a central forward-looking platform for information and communication among logistics trade fairs.

“Once again in 2018, LogiMAT will provide what is certainly the most comprehensive overview of equipment and solutions currently available in the international ground conveyor sector and, with the accompanying programme, an information platform at conference level that will assist sustainable investment decisions,” sums up Exhibition Director, Peter Kazander. “So, for ‘First-hand intralogistics’, come to LogiMAT.”



About LogiMAT

The next LogiMAT, 16th International Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management, takes place at Messe Stuttgart, directly adjacent to the airport, from 13 to 15 March, 2018. This event is now regarded as the world´s largest specialist trade fair for intralogistics. It presents a comprehensive overview of the market, featuring everything of importance to the intralogistics sector from procurement to production and delivery. Here, early in the year, international exhibitors present innovative technologies, products, systems and solutions for rationalisation, process optimisation and cost-reduction in in-company logistics processes.    
TradeWorld – a part of LogiMAT – is a competence platform for trading processes; it showcases products and solutions for e-commerce and omnichannel. Located in the middle of the halls, this event features an exhibition section and also each day different lecture blocks on a wide range of themes.


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