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Press Release: TradeWorld at LogiMAT 2019 in Stuttgart

Strategies for optimizing e-commerce and omnichannel processes

TradeWorld – to be held in conjunction with LogiMAT, the world’s largest intralogistics trade show, from February 19 to 21, 2019 – offers essential guidance to businesses that seek to optimize, integrate, and digitally transform their trade processes. Businesses in the commercial sector can learn about the important trends and essential solutions needed to ensure that their digital frontend works seamlessly with the backend and the underlying logistical processes.


We’re all familiar with the pronouncements that grace the pages of fashion magazines: What’s in, what’s out, what’s hot, what’s not. The world of commerce is not so different. Just as fashion experts know which colors and styles are going to be the next big thing, trade experts know which themes will make a splash soon and further down the road. Omnichannel and connected commerce, along with everything associated with returns management, are clearly the enduring trends here. And businesses looking for longer-term opportunities should also keep an eye on the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence.


TradeWorld is the professional platform for trade processes held in conjunction with LogiMAT at Messe Stuttgart, the convention center adjacent to Stuttgart International Airport in southern Germany. This year’s edition once again demonstrates an unerring sense for the “fashions” of the commercial internet by turning to these very themes in its forums. Look no further than the expert forum taking place in Hall 2 on Tuesday, February 19: “Digital Transformation Brings Transparency to Commercial Logistics – How Digital Technology Optimizes Resources.” This is followed on February 20 by: “From Fulfillment to Omnichannel Business – Getting Business Going, Step by Step.” The enlightenment continues on Thursday, February 21: “The Robots Are Mobilizing – Status and Perspectives for the Development of AI and Robotics in Logistics” and, finally, “Returns Logistics: Making the Most of Returns – How to Score with the Right Returns Management.”


Those suitably inspired to shop for ideas to address these emerging trends will find what they need on a stroll through LogiMAT and TradeWorld. “The shift in commerce toward omnichannel continues, and many businesses are hard-pressed to keep pace with the rapid changes in supply chains, fulfillment methods, business processes, and the wishes of customers. This trend makes speed, convenience, and personalization more and more critical,” explains Dr. Petra Seebauer, Managing Director of EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH and responsible for TradeWorld. “All around the TradeWorld expert forums in Hall 2, for example, visitors can find a dense concentration of innovative commerce solutions for next-gen retail, webshop systems, software solutions for inventory management, fulfillment, shipping, and returns handling,” she adds.


Omnichannel done right

ElectronicSales GmbH (Hall 2, Booth C25) is among the exhibitors featuring exciting omnichannel solutions. The e-commerce and webshop system specialist is presenting its ElectronicSales Commerce Solution, with a wide range of features designed to satisfy even the most discerning buyers. The subscription-based solution can be scaled to meet the specific needs of each customer. A user-friendly interface makes configuration a snap, even for those without much technical background.


Omnichannel merchants also rely on the right customer communications, and Drescher Full-Service Versand GmbH (Hall 2, Booth C28) offers a solution that fits the bill. The company supports business processes with personalized customer communications, process-driven output and document management, and efficient production and logistics of print and paper products. The specialists at Drescher develop targeted, solution-oriented concepts, products, and services that deliver ideal outcomes and brand experiences.


Businesses that wish to really connect with consumers pay special attention to well-targeted customer communications. KERN AG (Hall 2, Booth D08), an international full-service provider of multilingual communications, helps businesses speak to their customers in cross-border commerce through its translation and interpreting services from and into all the world’s languages. Kern also offers services in terminology management, technical documentation, and software and website localization.


Omnichannel can only work if the warehouse is also optimized to the needs of the commercial sector. Businesses that need to move large volumes should be sure to pay a visit to COPAL HANDLING SYSTEMS (Hall 2, Booth B40), a Dutch company that has developed a next-generation container loading system.


Returns logistics and digital innovation

Once goods have been picked, merchants face the next critical step in the journey to the customer. Fortunately, many providers have worked tirelessly to simplify this step, so the solutions for shipping and returns have made great strides of late. One of the companies active for many years in this field is FLS GmbH (Hall 2, Booth B37). It was a quarter of a century ago when FLS had the ambitious idea to develop intelligent software for automated logistics and sales force planning – a solution that would map and control entire processes end to end, not just certain parts, based on a company’s defined objectives. The software was designed to work in the here and now, not based on past data. It should alleviate tasks, not create more work. FLS GmbH rolls out the latest generation of its “Fast Lean Smart” software in 2019.


Goods have to be delivered to the customer, of course, which creates a need for companies like ID Logistics Group (Hall 2, Booth B35), an international provider of contracted logistics services that operates more than 300 sites in 17 countries with a 5.5 million square meters of total storage space. ID Logistics offers high-tech solutions to customers in the commercial, industrial, detail picking, and e-commerce sectors and is committed to sustainable development.


Asendia (Hall 2, Booth C38) is a delivery specialist that combines the experience and expertise of its founding companies, La Poste and Swiss Post. The joint venture can draw on an extensive track record of international and regional expertise and a partner network that spans the globe.


A functioning ERP system is at least equally important to businesses. The ERP and digital innovation experts at godesys AG (Hall 2, Booth D42) show the kind of reasoned approach that commercial enterprises can take to master the challenges of omnichannel. Because the only way to successfully manage complex retail processes across the various channels is with highly customizable software. The key to success here: Companies must really understand and analyze information about customers, sales partners, products, and campaigns, and they must drive down sales costs, automate processes, and invest in expertise.


TradeWorld welcomes the consulting firms that help businesses take their trade processes to the next level. These include VuP GmbH  –  Vallée und Partner Beratung für Logistik & IT from Münster (Hall 2, C22); 3p Procurement Branding GmbH, the methodology experts for process optimization from Cologne (Hall 2, B25); and e-velopment GmbH (Hall 2, C09), which helps businesses implement and successfully run its e-velopment e-commerce software 360e.


Visitors who wish to invest in their own logistics property or expand an existing property can visit Logivest GmbH (Hall 2, C21), whose location platform “” offers viable solutions. Logivest consultants are specialized in the marketing of logistics and industrial properties in Germany.


Smart robots and warehouse management support trade

A wide variety of exhibitors in the other halls of LogiMAT are also on hand to present intralogistics products and systems that help e-commerce and omnichannel activities flow smoothly. This includes solutions designed for picking, conveyance technology, packaging, identification, and IT integration. BITO Storage Systems (Hall 6, Booth C31), for example, returns to LogiMAT 2019 to present the grand concept and trends in smart warehouse solutions for e-commerce – from shelf systems like the next-gen multi-story storage facilities to container solutions and smart add-on features. BITO is also presenting LEO Locative, an easy-to-use driverless transport system for bins and cartons whose decentralized destination control is especially helpful in returns or for multi-phase picking.


Smart robots can help you out in the warehouse, chat about the weather, and answer questions. Robots such as Pepper may still be a source of amusement to some, but digital technologies have long since found their place as a helpful tool in the warehouse and at the point of sale. Magazino GmbH (Hall 5, Booth D55) develops and manufactures perception-controlled mobile robots for the intralogistics industry. Magazino’s technology makes it possible to identify and localize individual objects on a shelf using 2D and 3D cameras, pick them up, and put them back down in the precise location where they belong.


LogiMAT is also the place to find solutions for the next steps in fulfillment: the fully digital completion of logistical processes and seamless tracking along the entire supply chain with the participation of all involved parties. Arvato Systems GmbH (Hall 8, Booth F21) has developed the first blockchain network (Hyperledger Fabric) that integrates various cloud systems (Azure, GCP, SAP). This makes it possible to render end-to-end merchandise flows physically and technologically transparent regardless of the cloud services used by the supply chain players. The “Arvato Smart Logistics Platform” does this by integrating various intralogistical processes directly into the cloud-to-cloud blockchain network. One possible application is to implement recalls more efficiently: Consumers can see right in the app whether their product is affected by a recall. Businesses benefit by lowering their transaction costs in purchasing and by streamlining their returns.


LetMeShip – ITA Shipping GmbH (Hall 8, Booth A50) is another example of a customer-centric solution. The company presents its new product LetMeShip Connect at LogiMAT 2019. The API gives businesses the option to link their shipping processes directly to existing systems or to external devices. This makes it possible to share the entire shipping process, from carrier selection to tracking, with customers that have their own IT infrastructure and wish to link up with their ERP or materials management systems using the SOAP API.


Event organizer: EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH
Joseph-Dollinger-Bogen 7 | 80807 Munich, Germany
Phone: +49 89 323 91 259 | Fax: +49 89 323 91 246


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Munich, December 11, 2018 – This text may be reprinted free of charge, but please send a copy to EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH, Press and Public Relations Department, 80912 Munich.


About TradeWorld/LogiMAT

LogiMAT 2019, the 17th International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management, takes place February 19 – 21 on the grounds of Messe Stuttgart, directly adjacent to Stuttgart International Airport. LogiMAT, now the world’s largest intralogistics trade show with over 1,600 exhibitors, offers a comprehensive overview of everything driving the intralogistics industry, from procurement to production to shipping. International exhibitors gather early in the year to showcase innovative technologies, products, systems, and solutions for streamlining operations, optimizing processes, and cutting costs in a company’s internal logistics.

LogiMAT includes the extra bonus of TradeWorld, a professional platform for trade processes, which showcases innovative e-commerce concepts for designing, managing, and integrating digital technology in the areas of procurement, online shops and marketing, software, fulfillment, parcel services, returns, and after-sales. The TradeWorld expert forum in Hall 2 rounds off the program with a new series of presentations each day covering the following themes: The B2B E-Commerce Challenge; Digital Transformation Brings Transparency to Commercial Logistics; B2B Commerce in the Age of the Platform; From Fulfillment to Omnichannel Business; AI and Robotics in Logistics and Trade; and Making the Most of Returns.
TradeWorld’s exhibition area and expert forum are a special strategic component of LogiMAT.

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