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Press Release: TradeWorld at LogiMAT 2018 in Stuttgart

Seizing the opportunities of e-commerce

The future of trade is on display at TradeWorld: Here, trade-friendly professionals from all industries can find solutions and services to digitize, optimize, and integrate their trade processes and benefit from the flourishing e-commerce sector. TradeWorld is part of LogiMAT, the International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management, now in its 16th year.


E-commerce has broken one record after another with years of nearly uninterrupted growth. For over 15 years now—since the dotcom bubble of the early 2000s—forecasters have been almost unceasingly ecstatic in their yearly e-commerce prognostications. The German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association (bevh), for example—in its latest trend analysis “The Economic Climate in Germany’s Interactive B2C Sector 2016/2017”—predicts another good year for business in 2017.


One in eight euros in retail revenue is generated online. And the Institute for Trade Research in Cologne (IFH Köln) concurs that there is still no end in sight for the growth of e-commerce in Germany: The trend analysts cited in the institute’s new “E-Commerce Industry Report” predict that online sales will rise to €80.4 billion by 2021.


Before all industries can reap the riches of this boom, the right conditions must be in place—and that means not only having a good product but also optimizing the end-to-end process chain. Such a process chain is subject to constant change and must be continuously tweaked and extended and increasingly integrated. This is especially true for the growing popularity of the omnichannel concept—when customers can use multiple channels to research and buy products. The omnichannel spectrum includes brick-and-mortar businesses, online shops, online marketplaces and platforms, mobile apps, phone orders, and any other method for transacting with customers, including research, purchases, returns, and pre- and post-sales services.


TradeWorld provides digital inspiration for integrating sales

Trade-friendly industry professionals are keenly interested in information about and solutions for e-commerce and omnichannel, and this interest shows no signs of abating. “Visitors can also find inspiration for digitizing, optimizing, and integrating their trade processes at TradeWorld, the professional e-commerce platform that is held as part of the intralogistics trade show LogiMAT, taking place in Stuttgart from March 13 to 15, 2018,” explains Dr. Petra Seebauer, Managing Director of EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH in Munich, which organizes LogiMAT.


The spectrum of exhibitors, especially those participating in the TradeWorld expert forum in Hall 6, is focused on the design, control, and integrated digitization of procurement, online stores, software, payment systems, fulfillment, parcel services, and returns. “We want visitors to find new ideas and concrete solutions for developing and operationally implementing their digital trade processes in e-commerce,” says Seebauer. The TradeWorld expert forum also offers a new series of presentations each day, covering such topics as “B2B/e-commerce: Where is our journey taking us?”; “What trends will affect the e-commerce sector of tomorrow?” “The last mile: transport of the future”; “Omnichannel retailing: what not only the fashion sector should know”; “Retail logistics 4.0: taking stock!”; and “Platforms in the world of commerce.”


Branching out from TradeWorld, the surrounding halls are home to a wealth of exhibitors presenting intralogistics products and systems that help streamline such elements of e-commerce as picking, conveyor technology, packaging, labeling, and the integration of IT. More than 1,500 LogiMAT exhibitors will come together in Stuttgart from March 13 to 15. The theme: “Intralogistics from the Source: Digital—Connected—Innovative.” “Our professional platform for trade processes generates a unique synergy between intralogistics and trade, helping visitors gain direct access to e-commerce,” Seebauer adds.


A walk through Hall 6 for a sampling of trade expertise

Many businesses are still unsure of how to enter the digital world. HELIX Software + Support GmbH provides a 360° service for all companies going down this path, offering a clear and concise strategy for how they can largely eliminate paper and automate manual processes. (Hall 6, Booth G62)


FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH helps commercial enterprises develop a digital strategy. The firm specializes in SAP projects and the development of efficient solutions. FIS is a leading SAP system provider in the German-speaking world and the market leader in the technical wholesale sector with its FIS/wws end-to-end solution. FIS works hand in hand with its subsidiary Medienwerft to cover the entire spectrum of SAP issues in customer engagement and commerce. (Hall 6, Booth F63)


Once a company has developed its digital strategy, the next step is to move toward e-commerce and omnichannel. NetConnections GmbH, specialized in the development of powerful e-commerce software solutions, presents three tools to make e-commerce affordable: OscWare for automated data transmission, PayJoe for simplified monthly accounting, and ComSuite as an e-commerce add-on for SAP Business One users. (Hall 6, Booth D71)


4Sellers GmbH, a premium provider of ERP solutions, offers online merchants a database-driven solution for managing all e-commerce, regardless of whether an online or brick-and-mortar channel is ultimately used for purchase. 4Sellers has developed a solution especially for e-commerce logistics to reflect the importance of preparing and transporting the goods to the end customer for a successful shopping experience. (Hall 6, Booth F81)


Visitors need go no further than the booth of Neopost Shipping to find the answers to the challenges of cutting labor costs, increasing efficiency, and dealing with order spikes. There you can experience the CVP-500, an automated packing system for the German market offering a fast, cost-effective, environmentally friendly packing solution for e-commerce. (Hall 6, Booth D69)


For many sellers, sustainability is no longer a marketing argument—it’s part of their day-to-day business. WALTHER Faltsysteme GmbH is raising the bar in sustainable logistics. The specialist for folding reusable transport packaging will unveil a new plastic folding box manufactured from raw materials that are 93% regenerative. The innovative container has a wide variety of potential uses: Standard dimensions and state-of-the-art RFID technology ensure reliability, from highly automated intralogistics to delivery transports to subsidiary networks. (Hall 6, Booth A19)


A package only arrives at the right destination if it has the right label: BIXOLON Europe GmbH is a manufacturer of advanced, innovative, and reliable print technologies that include POS, Auto-ID, and mobile document and label printers for a range of environments. (Hall 6, Booth F16)


Anyone looking for more ideas need only stroll past the booth of Scandit AG, a company in the field of enterprise mobility and data capture. Scandit is a specialist for barcode scanning solutions that simplify the business processes in retail, logistics, production, and healthcare. Scandit’s software technologies and cloud services make it possible for companies to quickly develop, implement, and manage apps for smartphones, tablets, and wearables. (Hall 6, Booth B58)


BWPOST GmbH & Co KG has expanded beyond traditional postal products and now offers many more options for postal and parcel shipping. In addition to a hybrid postal portal, customers can use a carrier-neutral package entry system, so shipping decisions are based only on their own needs and wishes. BWPOST also plans to begin offering fulfillment services through its affiliates. (Hall 6, Booth D47)


Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions presents Mobility Edge, a new hardware and software platform for its next-generation mobile devices deployed around the world by distribution centers, transport and logistics service providers, hospitals, and retailers. The platform will be on display to industry professionals for the first time at the Honeywell booth. (Hall 6, Booth B05)
No less exciting is what’s on offer from CipherLab Europe, a provider of solutions for automatic identification and data capture. The focus here is on the rugged RK25 handheld computer and the fast 2200 series presentation scanners. All the devices specifically help business continuously optimize and streamline logistics processes. (Hall 6, Booth A55)


BLG LOGISTICS GROUP AG & Co. KG is a contract logistics provider offering smart solutions for modern, customer-driven logistics. One such solution is the new “Exoskeleton” project. Company representatives will don wearable chest and back supports while carrying out warehousing and picking processes to demonstrate this innovative solution to trade show visitors. (Hall 6, Booth F67)


Pakadoo, a spinoff of LGI Logistics Group International GmbH, presents a new last-mile solution that makes it possible to receive and return private packages directly in the office, regardless of which parcel service is involved. Pakadoo also helps businesses improve their carbon footprint by eliminating the need for multiple trips by carriers and employees. Deliveries can be consolidated, reducing urban traffic in strictly residential areas. (Hall 6, Booth G60)


The customs experts at LGI Logistics Group International GmbH join LGI subsidiary HELIX Software + Support GmbH to present together for the first time automated customs services from a single source for small and medium-sized businesses. (Hall 6, Booth G64)


Händlerbund Management AG, who is presenting a 1.5-hour expert forum entitled “Clash of trends: What trends will affect the e-commerce sector of tomorrow?” will also be on hand with its own booth to offer information on its portfolio of services. (Hall 6, Booth F76)


ibi research at the University of Regensburg is joining the Institute for Trade Research in Cologne (IFH Köln), its partner in the “Mittelstand 4.0-Agentur Handel” project, in presenting a forum on the topic of “B2B/e-commerce: Where is our journey taking us?” ibi research will also be on hand to offer consulting services. (Hall 6, Booth G68)


VuP GmbH – Vallée und Partner, a consulting firm for logistics and IT, will also be on hand to offer its consulting expertise on the implementation of digitization roadmaps. The experts will also present the expert forum “Omnichannel retailing: what not only the fashion sector should know.” (Hall 6, Booth G71)


Event organizer:
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About TradeWorld/LogiMAT

LogiMAT 2018, the 16th International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management, will take place March 13–15 on the grounds of Messe Stuttgart, directly adjacent to Stuttgart International Airport. LogiMAT, now the world’s largest intralogistics trade show with over 1,500 exhibitors, offers a comprehensive overview of everything driving the intralogistics industry, from procurement to production to shipping. International exhibitors gather early in the year to showcase innovative technologies, products, systems, and solutions for streamlining operations, optimizing processes, and cutting costs in a company’s internal logistics.

LogiMAT includes the extra bonus of TradeWorld, a professional platform for trade processes, which showcases innovative e-commerce concepts for designing, managing, and integrating digitization in the areas of procurement, online shops and marketing, payment, software, fulfillment, parcel services, returns, and after-sales. Rounding off the package is the TradeWorld expert forum in Hall 6, featuring a new series of presentations each day covering such topics as “B2B/e-commerce: Where is our journey taking us?”; “What trends will affect the e-commerce sector of tomorrow?” “The last mile: transport of the future”; “Omnichannel retailing: what not only the fashion sector should know”; “Retail logistics 4.0: taking stock!”; and “Platforms in the world of commerce.”

TradeWorld’s exhibition area and expert forum are a special strategic component of LogiMAT.

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