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Press Release of Inotec

Inotec wins the "BEST PRODUCT" award 2021 at the LogiMAT

inotec RFID Inmould Label wins jury award "Best Product" at LogiMAT 2021


Safe, hygienic, sustainable: serialized RFID Inmould Labels from inotec facilitate goods handling and reduce packaging waste. The jury at LogiMAT, the international trade fair for intralogistics solutions and process management, also recognized this and awarded the RFID Inmould Label from inotec as part of the GS1 Smart-Box from Georg Utz GmbH the "Best Product" prize in the category "Identification, Packaging and Loading Technology, Load Securing".


Neumünster, June 2021 Happy faces at inotec: With its RFID Inmould Labels manufactured in a patented process, the world market leader for serialized inmould labels is one of the big winners at LogiMAT 2021. The label was honored with the "Best Product" award in the category "Identification, Packaging and Loading Technology, Load Securing".

As an important element of the new GS1 Smart-Box, the RFID Inmould Label makes a significant contribution to reducing packaging waste and promoting sustainable reusable container cycles. The basis for this is inotec's decades of experience in the field of serialized inmould labels, combined with the advantages of state-of-the-art RFID technology. The box was jointly developed under the direction of GS1 Germany as a committee project of well-known consumer goods manufacturers and retailers and is already being used by major companies such as Beiersdorf, Cosnova, Henkel, Kao, L'Oréal, Procter & Gamble as well as dm-drogerie markt, Edeka, Müller and Rossmann.


The inotec barcode label with RFID antenna and RFID chip is inseparably bonded onto the Smart Box in an injection moulding process, which eliminates the need for difficult and time-intensive application. Another advantage of the inmould solution is that the label closes flush with the surface of the box, making it impossible for it to peel or fall off or for bacteria or dirt to migrate behind it. This makes the labels particularly resistant to moisture, humidity and mechanical influences, and they also easily meet the high hygiene requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries, where the Smart-Box is used.


Inotec RFID Inmould Labels can therefore endure even high stresses and are guaranteed to remain legible until the end of the container life cycle - a milestone on the road to greater sustainability. Last but not least, the advantage lies in the ease of handling and the associated process optimization that results from the use of RFID technology: The data stored in the RFID Inmould Label can be read from a great distance and without visual contact using a suitable reader. Even bulk readings are no problem with RFID technology - a real time-saver in logistics. So the label not only passes various logistics processes, but also ensures significantly faster processing and a measurable increase in efficiency. And because the RFID Inmould Labels for the Smart Box are serialized labels with sequential numbers as well as sequential barcodes, the product also sets new standards in terms of tamper-resistance and unique identification.


"inotec RFID Inmould Labels combine multiple advantages of modern labeling and we are proud that our solution makes the GS1 Smart-Box even better. We have been developing our RFID Inmould Labels for years in an application-oriented way and have thus been contributing to the sustainable design and optimization of processes for a long time. Therefore, we are very happy to have played a part in the creation  of this standardized  reusable box and are pleased about winning the "Best Product" award, says Dr. Ulf Sparka, Managing Director of inotec Barcode Security GmbH.


The GS1 Smart-Box is not the only project for which inotec has developed application-specific labeling solutions to establish sustainable container cycles. The company's (RFID Inmould) labels have been tried and tested a million times over and are used by major customers (e.g. Euro Pool System) and established market players as well as by innovative start-ups (e.g. the deposit box manufacturer PFABO).

About inotec
inotec GmbH stands for professional, customized identification solutions. As Europe's leading specialist for durable barcode and RFID labels, inotec is always the best choice when it comes to maximum quality. Worldwide and reliable with competent full-service consulting. With the experience of more than 40 years, we realize innovative ideas from planning to implementation. For the best results and products.
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