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Press Release Heureka

Heureka wins the BEST PRODUCT Award LogiMat 2019

LOS warehouse optimization software wins "Best Product" award in the "Software, Communication, IT" category - Cycle times in warehouse decrease by more than 30 percent - 25 percent ratio potential in operational and middle management - Connection to all warehouse management systems possible.


Pfullingen, 19 February 2019 - Heureka Business Solutions GmbH, which specializes in artificial intelligence and optimization in intralogistics, was awarded the "Best Product" prize at the LogiMAT 2019 logistics trade fair. The warehouse optimization software LOS was honored in the category "Software, Communication, IT". The generic solution complements any warehouse management system (WMS) and can realize a ratio potential of over 25% in operational and middle management. Through the use of LOS, artificial intelligence enables economical and efficient execution of same-day-delivery concepts, decreasing batch sizes and a growing range of articles. The cycle times in intralogistics can be reduced by more than 30 percent in the process. At the trade fair, Heureka Business Solutions is located in Hall 8, Booth C15.


LOS was developed because planned intralogistics processes are static and have to be adapted more and more frequently. "These processes can only deliver good results as long as the planned condition is maintained," explains Richard Lessau, who founded Heureka Business Solutions GmbH together with Dr. Raymond Hemmecke. However, the planned situation is changing more and more rapidly and uncontrollably as customer behavior is modified due to an increase in the variety of items, because exceptions have to be taken into account or due to the shift of the relationship between small and large orders. "The costs of intralogistics are rising significantly with an increase of batch size 1 and a growing variety of items. After all, the fixed and variable costs of a shipment no longer allow for combined costing," emphasizes Dr. Raymond Hemmecke.


For the first time, the self-learning software LOS offers a solution using highly developed artificial intelligence. LOS has already demonstrated a high savings potential for customers such as LOXXESS, Siemens, Simon Hegele and Viessmann. To this end, the solution uses various AI methods such as mathematical optimization, neural networks and deep learning.
In addition to its economic performance, LOS also exhibits great strength in its application: The material flow chain is highly transparent, making it possible to predict day-to-day business for up to 72 hours. By means of such prediction procedures, the associated LOS APP sends a message to the user’s mobile phone in case of irregularities, finally enabling them to "act" instead of "react".


Every movement of goods as well as hundreds of factors influencing intralogistics are analyzed and evaluated in real time in order to ensure the most efficient flow of goods at all times. LOS reacts autonomously to every market or customer change, relieving the IT department of time-consuming manual adjustments and protecting scheduling from outdated rules of thumb.


Background information on the "Best Product" award
LogiMAT is considered the world's leading trade fair for intralogistics and has been honoring the "Best Product" since 2003. The most groundbreaking product and company in the industry is selected from 1,600 exhibitors to receive this award for significant contributions to cost savings and increasing productivity in intralogistics.
The prize is one of the most important awards in the logistics industry and is awarded by a jury of independent leading experts from business, science and the media.
The "Best Product" award is presented in three categories:

  • Software, communication, IT
  • Order picking, conveyor, lifting and storage technology
  • Identification, packaging and loading technology, load securing


Background Heureka Business Solutions GmbH:
Heureka Business Solutions GmbH, based in Pfullingen, Germany, is a software and consulting company specializing in the digitization and optimization of intralogistics with the help of artificial intelligence. Customers include Daimler, Siemens and Viessmann. Our strength lies in building bridges between intralogistic know-how and mathematical competence. Heureka operates branches in Munich, Fürth and Pfullingen.
The company was founded by Richard Lessau - a factory planner for many years who, among other things, was involved in the BVL award-winning logistics center for Mercedes-AMG in 2014 - and by Dr. Raymond Hemmecke - a former mathematics professor for combinatorial optimization at the Technical University of Munich.
Under the name LOS, Heureka distributes a modular warehouse optimization software which can be connected to any warehouse management system (WMS). The solution can significantly optimize intralogistics with the help of self-learning processes by permanently analyzing dynamic customer behavior and optimizing the material flow.
Heureka also offers planning services for intralogistics systems and logistics centers. The use of LOS and the LOS+ module - a planning program specifically developed for intralogistics - reduces planning periods from several months to just a few weeks.


Pressekontakte:Press contacts:
Heureka Business Solutions GmbH
Richard Lessau
Managing Director
Elisenweg 10
72793 Pfullingen, Germany
Phone +49 151 700 911 93


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