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LogiMAT 2017 in Stuttgart

Accompanying program of unprecedented scope

LogiMAT – the 15th “International Trade Show for Distribution, Materials Handling, and Information Flow” – is setting new standards in communicating the latest trends, new technologies, proven solutions, and promising investments through its accompanying program.


Often copied, never equaled: LogiMAT’s accompanying program, with its slate of distinguished presenters, has been a key success factor for the “International Trade Show for Distribution, Materials Handling, and Information Flow” since its debut in 2003. LogiMAT was the very first trade show to integrate the added value of conference-level professional seminars as a standard feature of such events, establishing itself as a pioneer of innovative solutions not only for the technologies on display but for the very concept of a trade show. “Thanks to our industry-wide accompanying program, the interdisciplinary presentation and discussion of current trends and the sharing of helpful tips for day-to-day business were hallmarks of LogiMAT from the very beginning,” explains event director Peter Kazander, Managing Director of EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH in Munich. “This concept represented something entirely new and was a key factor in the success of LogiMAT.”

Just as core intralogistics technologies were evolving and the role of professional development was growing, the event’s directors were able to recruit more distinguished speakers each year from the business and academic communities and from trade associations to nurture this critical aspect of LogiMAT, Kazander remembers. “With this positive feedback, we manage to put together an accompanying program each year for LogiMAT that covers a broad, cross-industry spectrum – and, with our prestigious speakers, provide industry professionals with a unique added value,” Kazander adds. “All without increasing the price of admission to the trade show.”

LogiMAT 2017 – the 15th “International Trade Show for Distribution, Materials Handling, and Information Flow” – continues with tradition by setting new standards with its accompanying program. LogiMAT 2017 once again covers the entire spectrum of current trends with a total of 34 information events – including 31 expert forums featuring more than 100 speakers in Halls 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 as well as a series of three live events – plus a full program of exhibitor presentations at the “Innovation Forum.” The result is an unprecedented overview of available products and a forward-looking vision of the future of intralogistics. The themes of the expert forums alone cover the entire spectrum of current and long-term trends and technological approaches: Auto-ID and the basic technologies of RFID and barcodes as Industry 4.0 enablers, the role of intralogistics apps in Industry 4.0, new uses for driverless transport systems (DTS), business concepts for complex automation plans and warehouse robotics, assessing the costs and benefits of lithium-ion forklifts, cutting warehouse operating costs, the challenges of Industry 4.0 for smaller businesses, and the latest Logistics 4.0 research.

The opening day (March 14) begins with the official kickoff by event director Peter Kazander, followed by the “Best Product of 2017” awards ceremony hosted by Dr. Willibald A. Günthner, Chair of the Institute for Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics at the Technical University of Munich. The day is then filled with sessions focusing on the subject of integration. Dr. Günter Ullrich, Head of the DTS Forum, uses real-world examples to illustrate how to successfully integrate DTS. Wolf-Rüdiger Hansen, a consultant at Business Innovation Lab (sponsored by the industry association AIM), joins a panel in presenting potential technologies and applications for NFC smartphones and transponders in logistics. Stephan Meixner, founder and publisher of, joins specialists from various disciplines to discuss the latest trends in B2B and B2C e-commerce.

Day two (March 15) is all about internal material flows, with a focus on production logistics and handling and picking technologies in light of advances in automation and IT. Dr. Karl-Heinz Wehking, Director of the Institute for Conveyance Technology and Logistics at the University of Stuttgart, moderates the second session of “Intralogistics – Future – Technology” (IFT), presenting methods for improving efficiency in goods-to-person picking and introducing an innovative mobile automatic small-parts storage area for precise, error-free goods-to-person delivery. The “IT in modern intralogistics” forum offers an overview of technologies and the diverse opportunities enabled by warehouse management systems (WMS) in optimizing various intralogistical processes and highlights the benefits and opportunities of modern IT technologies. Dr. Rolf Jansen, Chair of VVL in Dortmund (Society for the Promotion of Innovation in Logistics), explains how “Packaging 4.0” can meet the basic requirements for communication, connectedness, and smart process control in the age of digitization. Peter Altes joins experts from AIM Germany for “Auto-ID as an Industry 4.0 enabler,” introducing aspects and real-world examples of the digitization of material flow and logistics using Auto-ID technologies and highlighting the opportunities for efficient control and optimization of business processes.

Day three (March 16) focuses on Industry 4.0, the small business sector, and mobility. Dr. Jörg Pirron, Deputy Chair of the Intralogistics Network of Baden-Württemberg and Managing Director of Protema Unternehmensberatung GmbH, presents “Operating concepts for complex systems in the logistics center,” offering a provider’s perspective of the latest approaches to facility management, replacement parts management, and maintenance management in both traditional and Industry 4.0 environments. The forum “Showcases from autonomous production” highlights how Industry 4.0 technologies and concepts will alter production. Michael Lickefett, Head of the Department of Factory Planning and Production Management at Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) in Stuttgart, presents solutions ranging from self-guiding intralogistics to self-optimizing production systems. Meanwhile, the forum “Flexible warehouse technology – quo vadis?” under the direction of Fraunhofer IML presents innovative solutions for the deployment of mobile robots in warehouse operations. The topic is explored further in the afternoon with the forum “Exploring new areas, driverless,” which looks at the convergence of DTS and mobile robots and outlines new vehicle concepts and innovative controller systems.

A special series of presentations at TradeWorld, which is integrated into LogiMAT as a strategic e-commerce and omnichannel component for the fourth time in 2017, examines issues surrounding the future of trade. Six 90-minute expert forums in Hall 6 focus explicitly on this industry segment, exploring such issues as B2B in the digital age, e-commerce in B2B & B2C, success stories in smart retail logistics, cross-channel and other trends in fashion logistics, practical solutions in returns logistics, and innovative last-mile solutions.

“Growing markets such as e-commerce and omnichannel require a smooth flow of goods,” explains Dr. Petra Seebauer, Managing Director of EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH in charge of TradeWorld. “Businesses engaged in trade can no longer succeed today without optimized logistics. But it is precisely logistics that gives businesses in all links in the e-commerce process chain the biggest headaches.” Many LogiMAT exhibitors are already augmenting their traditional warehouse solutions with products and services that address intralogistical challenges to smooth trade processes. Visitors to the TradeWorld expert forum in Hall 6 can also find exhibitors showcasing innovative e-commerce concepts for designing, managing, and integrating digitization in the areas of procurement, online shops and marketing, payment, software, shipping, fulfillment, returns, and after-sales.

Day-long live events presented each day in the special areas in Halls 4, 7, and 9 offer additional real-world insights: Proper load securing for small transporters up to 3.5 tons (“Load Securing” in Hall 9, Booth 9B69); process control with Auto-ID technologies such as RFID, barcode, 2D code, sensors, and real-time location systems (RTLS) (“Tracking & Tracing Theatre (T&TT) in Hall 4, Booth 4F05); and digitization in logistics and the smart integration of all warehouse technologies (“Supply Chain World” in Hall 7, Booth 7A71).

“With the wealth of information in its accompanying program, LogiMAT 2017 more than lives up to its reputation as a trendsetter, industry barometer, and trade show with added value,” concludes event director Kazander. “This is conference-level educational content – with real-world relevance and without all the business jargon. Various event organizers are now trying to offer a similar caliber, but LogiMAT remains the unparalleled original in the international intralogistics industry – including for its informational added value.”


Forums at a glance:
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
-    The future of intralogistics – People and machines as partners in a social networked industry
-    Driverless transport systems at the heart of Industry 4.0 – Practical examples and state of the art
-    NFC smartphones and transponders in logistics – NFC technology case studies in industry and logistics
-    TradeWorld: B2B in the digital age – B2B between innovation and routine
-    Intralogistics apps: aids to Industry 4.0? – How businesses can benefit from the trend
-    The new Silk Road
-    RFID & barcodes – the basic technologies of Logistics 4.0 – Fields of application of innovative identification technologies
-    TradeWorld: E-commerce in B2B & B2C – Latest trends in B2B and B2C e-commerce

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
-    Innovative approaches to saving warehouse operating costs – Successful measures to optimize costs and efficiency
-    The end of the decentralized supermarket? – Flexible production supplies with SAP solutions
-    IFT Day: Intralogistics – Future – Technology – New technologies in intralogistics
-    Packaging 4.0 – The future of packaging – Packaging in a digital age
-    TradeWorld: Your key advantage in the competition for the last mile – Vision and reality in e-commerce logistics
-    The new VDI 3590 – A new concept for the picking standard
-    Lean warehouses – Lean – but how?
-    Auto-ID as an Industry 4.0 enabler – New aspects and practical examples of material flow and logistics digitization
-    TradeWorld: Cross-channel and other trends in fashion logistics – How does fashion logistics approach current challenges?

Thursday, March 16, 2017
-    Logistics 4.0 – Progress through research – Research reports from the research centers of GVB e. V.
-    Operating concepts for complex systems in the logistics center – New approaches to facility management, spare parts management, and maintenance management
-    Showcases from autonomous production – How Industry 4.0 technology and concepts will change production
-    Lithium-ion forklifts: When is the price worth paying? – Cost/benefit assessment of new battery technologies for electric forklifts
-    Flexible warehouse technology – quo vadis? – Warehouse robots – mobile picking equipment
-    Agility in the supply chain – Team-based development of user-centric innovations & solutions
-    TradeWorld: The future of retail logistics – Retail logistics 4.0 with the opportunities of a digital world
-    Value added with Industry 4.0? A roadmap for medium-sized companies! – How digital transformation can mean success for medium-sized companies
-    Exploring new areas, driverless – Between DTS and mobile robots
-    A Master’s degree: advanced training paves career paths – Academic advancement: What’s in it for me?
-    TradeWorld: Practical solutions in returns logistics – How retailers can make the best of returns


About LogiMAT
The next LogiMAT will take place at Messe Stuttgart, directly adjacent to the airport, March 14–16, 2017. LogiMAT 2016 drew 1,280 international exhibitors from 32 countries, who filled eight halls presenting the latest solutions and product developments for smart, sustainable intralogistics. The trade show attracted 43,466 industry professionals from 60 countries in 2016. It offers a complete overview of the market and is now regarded as the largest annual event of its type in the world. TradeWorld – a special strategic component of LogiMAT with its own program of expert forums – features exhibitors showcasing e-commerce and omnichannel solutions for businesses in the manufacturing, commercial, and service sectors. Visitors to the exhibit halls at LogiMAT can also find a different program of presentations each day on a wide range of topics.


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