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LogiMAT 2024 in Stuttgart

Outside-the-Box Packaging Solutions

Munich, February 20, 2024—For those developing new products in the packaging industry today, sustainability is the name of the game. Manufacturers and providers are responding by incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, using environmentally friendly materials for cushioning and outer packaging, and setting up systems for reuse and recycling. Customized packaging also remains a defining trend, as underscored by the latest solutions on display by industry representatives at LogiMAT 2024 in Stuttgart.


Smart solutions for the needs of today’s distribution logistics: That’s what manufacturers in the packaging and packaging machinery sector will be showcasing with their latest product innovations for efficient, sustainable shipping at LogiMAT 2024, whose theme this year is “SHAPING CHANGE TOGETHER: Sustainability – AI – Ergonomics.” Most exhibitors will continue to focus on outer packaging for small parts and single-item packages. Individualized packaging and the customization of packaging systems also remain a dominant trend. Sustainability is yet another high priority in product development, reflecting current market demand. The areas where sustainability is particularly prominent in the innovations coming to LogiMAT include protective and filling materials, outer packaging, unit load devices, and systems for reuse and recycling. “Sustainability with a high volume of e-commerce means avoiding plastic wherever possible, selecting appropriate package sizes that minimize unused volume, and using packaging material that can be easily recycled,” notes LogiMAT Exhibition Director Michael Ruchty of Munich-based event organizer EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH. “Manufacturers, retailers, and service providers must be ready to respond to pressure from customers on this point and integrate new solutions into their distribution processes. The international exhibitors at LogiMAT in Hall 4 of the Messe Stuttgart convention center will offer a comprehensive overview of available options.”

Packaging solution with industrial sewing machine

Visitors get their first taste of the broad spectrum of solutions as soon as they step into the East Entrance, where several packaging manufacturers and packaging technology companies are exhibiting. It begins with a customized industrial wood packaging solution that allows enterprise customers with volumes starting at about 500 crates a month to control production and delivery themselves through a direct IT interface with the manufacturer. Another exhibitor will be presenting new packaging solutions made of honeycomb cardboard. A semi-automated packaging machine for shipping in standard paper bags will also be put forward as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic film packaging. The machine can work with various paper qualities to create branded bags in sizes customized to the content. The bags are prepared, automatically labeled, and automatically opened and closed in a coordinated process before an industrial sewing machine seals the envelope automatically.

Exhibitors in Hall 4 will be presenting new developments in areas such as the traditional container—the unit load device often at the heart of reuse cycles. A compact new intralogistics container combines the design advantages of a rigid mini-load container with the logistical benefits of a collapsible container. The container series was specially developed for use in automated small parts warehouses and shuttle systems. What makes it unique is that the volume of the container can be reduced by 70 percent to save space during storage and transport. When used in automated small parts warehouses, the compressed container is automatically erected and becomes a rigid mini-load container. Another container innovation presented in Hall 4 is a reusable, repairable, and ultimately recyclable mobile transport system. The reusable container consists of at least 70 percent recycled plastic and is intended to replace traditional pallet solutions as well as conventional mesh boxes and disposable packaging made of cardboard or film. Also in Hall 4: a new dolly base for the storage and transport of segregated goods in various container types, for loose goods in sleeve packs, and for mixed goods. The deadweight and footprint of the roller container system, designed for goods of various types within a supply chain, make it a viable choice for all vehicle types, even smaller sprinter vans.

Modular combination machines with case erector and sealer

The packaging machines on display will also feature distinctive innovations. This includes a filling and sealing machine for e-commerce applications with integrated label print dispensers for separate labels or thermal transfer printers for direct printing on the bag, capable of processing up to 100 pouch packs per hour. The bag length can be perfectly customized to the contents so that no material is wasted. The machine is able to process tubular film, bags from the roll, and paper. Another packaging machine to be exhibited combines a multi-size case erector and a case sealer with a height reduction feature. The two devices can be used as standalone modules or deployed as a single packing station. Sustainable, water-activated adhesive tape technology is offered as a sealing strip. Hall 4 will also feature a live demonstration of a complete operational process set-up for a new automated, made-to-measure packaging solution. With a throughput of 600 parcels per hour, the system is designed to provide a dimensionally accurate, erected carton every six seconds, with the underside pre-glued.

Other innovations on display feature the use of hot-melt adhesive solutions. Hot-melts are typically used to create boxes and envelopes customized to the precise dimensions of the contents, but other applications include stacked goods transported on pallets, which the manufacturer claims hot-melts can stabilize without the use of plastic film. The filling materials include several alternatives to plastic air cushions, expanded polystyrene flakes, or crumpled paper—including various sustainable cushions made from recycled cardboard. Large companies can even order the machines directly to produce the packaging cushions themselves. Several manufacturers will also be presenting innovative, sustainable bubble wrap made from up to 100 percent recycled paper.

Those attending the Expert Forum in the East Entrance Atrium on the first day of LogiMAT 2024, part of the event’s accompanying program, will enjoy a sneak peek into the future of packaging and shipping. Sandra Lehmann, editor at the trade journal Logistik Heute, moderates a discussion entitled “Smart packaging: packages that think outside the box.” “With the latest packaging solutions on display at LogiMAT 2024, industry exhibitors are showcasing their role as major innovators on the road to greater sustainability and efficiency in shipping,” concludes Exhibition Director Ruchty. “This year’s LogiMAT will once again offer industry professionals from around the world a wide range of inspiring solutions for sustainable investments in packaging."


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About LogiMAT

LogiMAT, the International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management, will take place at the Messe Stuttgart convention center, directly adjacent to Stuttgart International Airport, from March 19 to 21, 2024. LogiMAT, organized by EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH, ranks as the world’s largest trade show for intralogistics solutions. It offers a complete market overview of everything driving the intralogistics industry, from procurement to production to shipping. International exhibitors showcase innovative technologies, products, systems, and solutions for streamlining operations, optimizing processes, and cutting costs in a company’s internal logistics. Beyond the exhibitor booths, visitors can also experience a different program of presentations each day covering a wide range of topics.

LogiMAT also has a presence in various international markets. Upcoming events:

LogiMAT India, February 28 to March 1, 2024, IEML, Delhi NCR, India
LogiMAT China, May 8–10, 2024, SZCEC, Shenzhen, China
LogiMAT Southeast Asia, October 16–18, 2024, BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand is the platform that brings together top providers of the world’s best intralogistics solutions with high-quality leads, bridging the time and space between on-site events.