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Fachforen LogiMAT  31. Mai - 2. Juni 2022

Hochkarätige Experten aus Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft informieren über die wichtigsten Themen und neuesten Trends der innerbetrieblichen Logistik in der LogiMAT Arena.




Nicht "Fach-Chinesisch" sondern praxisnahe Wissensvermittlung auf Kongressniveau für Strategen und Praktiker aus Beschaffung, Produktion, Lager und Versand steht im Vordergrund.


FF 2022 - Kaulfuhs-Berger, Technische Logistik, EN


10:00 -

Innovations in AGV/AMR Systems and the Impact on Safe Operation

Examining the responsibilities of everyone involved in a project

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
  • Moderated by: Jan Kaulfuhs-Berger, editor in chief, Technische Logistik, HUSS-Medien GmbH


    The list of technical innovations around AGVs/AMRs is long, ranging from new sensors and innovative vehicle and guidance control systems to numerous autonomous functions. Standardized data interfaces between the master controller and the vehicles open up new possibilities for implementing AGV projects.

    This results in a number of challenges around plant safety. All players in the AGV project—and not least the operator—must be aware of their responsibilities. This expert forum addresses key questions about AGV safety.



    • Moderator: Jan Kaulfuhs-Berger, Editor-in-Chief, Technische Logistik, HUSS-Medien GmbH
    • Dr.-Ing. Günter Ullrich, Head of VDI Technical Committee for AGVs; Managing Partner, Forum-FTS GmbH
    • Rolf Schumacher, Senior Safety Consultant, Sick AG
    • Roland Senninger, retired Operations Manager, BASF AG




FF 2022 - Goelzer, F-IIS, EN


11:00 -

AI Reality Check

Revolutionizing the supply chain with data analytics

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
  • Moderated by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Gölzer, Head of the Business Area “Digitalized Production“, Supply Chain Services working group, Fraunhofer IIS and Professor at the Technical University of Nuremberg


    Logistics processes generate huge volumes of data. Businesses that seek to leverage this treasure trove with data analytics often run into problems: The data lacks the necessary quality, contains errors, is incomplete, or exists in various formats. Or the data needed for a specific application is simply not available. We present real-world examples illustrating how to overcome these hurdles and generate real added value to optimize processes or develop new services. The Supply Chain Services working group at Fraunhofer IIS and its partners deliver an AI reality check.


    Application potentials of Data efficient Learning in production and logistics

    Jann Goschenhofer, Research Assistant, Supply Chain Services working group, Fraunhofer IIS
    Modern AI approaches for logistics

    Prof. Dr. Ulrich Müller-Steinfahrt, Institute Director, Institute for Applied Logistics (IAL), University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt




FF 2022- Altes, AIM - Aha, Ident, EN


13:00 -

Digital Supply Chain: Design and Optimization

Auto ID as an enabling technology

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
  • Moderated by: Peter Altes, Director, AIM-D e. V with Thorsten Aha, editor in chief ident, Ident Verlag & Service GmbH


    Production and logistics, including the supply chain, are undergoing a digital transformation and becoming more closely integrated. Systems of automatic identification (auto ID) are the foundation of this process and of the communication between people, machines, and objects. The key challenges here are integration with software systems and cloud connectivity (IoT/IIoT). Our experts will illustrate and explain how auto ID is facilitating this digital transformation toward the more efficient management and optimization of business processes.


    1:00–1:05 PM
    Introduction and moderation

    Thorsten Aha, Editor-in-Chief, ident, Ident Verlag & Service GmbH
    Peter Altes, Managing Director, AIM-D e. V.
    1:05–1:20 PM
    Digitization and automation based on RFID removes manual processes and brings granular, accurate, and timely tracking and inventory data. Data that is key for improved supply chain visibility and transparency

    Urban Soderberg, Business Development Manager, Avery Dennison Smartrac
    1:20–1:35 PM
    Goods in Motion: RFID and Real-Time Data for End-to-End Transparency and a Digital Supply Chain

    Dr. Wilfried Weiss, Founder and President, avus Services GmbH
    1:35–1:50 PM
    State-of-the-Art Reusable Container Logistics: Efficient, Sustainable Use Cases and Business Models

    Frank Linti, Director of Business Innovation, inotec Group




FF 2022 - Hauth, IN BW, EN


14:00 -

Managing Intralogistics: Riding the Dragon

Strategically implementing new technologies in change management

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
  • Moderated by: Prof. Michael Hauth, Managing Director in the Intralogistics Network in Baden-Württemberg e. V.


    New technologies and processes are shaping the future of intralogistics. The Intralogistics Radar offers an expert overview of the emerging technologies that, together with people and processes, will be critical for future business success. The experts at this Intralogistics Network forum will look at how to take the bull by the horns in a change management process.
    Key questions:
    How will this impact our business processes and workforce? What structural changes need to happen simultaneously? How can we create the right conditions for success?


    Presentation: Intralogistics Radar
    Dr. Jörg Pirron, Managing Director, Protema GmbH
    Presentation: Gamification and Blended Learning as an Element of Change
    Tanja Wallmeier, Managing Director, LOPREX GmbH




FF 2022 - Schulz, IFT-2, EN


15:00 -

Next-Level Material Transport

Smart floors offer new flexible opportunities

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
  • Moderated by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Schulz, Director, Institute of Mechanical Handling and Logistics (IFT), University of Stuttgart


    How can the floor help your intralogistics? A new “smart floor” concept supports intralogistics processes and helps make them more flexible and dynamic. Integrating sensors and display elements into the floor, for example, can not only make life easier for your workers, it can also guide and provide inductive charging for transport equipment. The Institute of Mechanical Handling and Logistics (IFT) has developed an innovative omnidirectional material transport AGV to highlight the opportunities for flexible lane designations for pedestrians and vehicles.


    3:00–3:15 PM
    Smart Floors—an Innovative Infrastructure Platform for Flexible and Variable Production

    Javier Stillig, M.Sc., Factory of the Future Specialist, Bosch Rexroth AG
    3:20–3:30 PM
    Granular Goods Transport with Innovative Miniature Low-Cost AGV “Scooty”

    Markus Schröppel, Assistant Institute Director and Department Head, Machine Development and Material Flow Automation, Institute of Mechanical Handling and Logistics, University of Stuttgart
    3:30–3:45 PM
    Conflict-Free Material Flow in Hybrid Operations

    Kai Przybysz-Herz, CEO, NAiSE GmbH