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Trade Forums LogiMAT 2019

High-ranking experts from industry and research will be talking about key themes and the latest trends in in-company logistics held in forums right in the middle of the exhibition halls.


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The emphasis will be very much on practical, successful solutions, thus giving maximum benefit to strategists and managers working in procurement, production, warehousing and dispatches.


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FF 2019 - Schocke, Salt, EN


14:30 -

Step by step towards Industry 4.0

Integration of disparate technical environments with SAP

  • Deutsch
Hall 8
Forum D
  • Chaired by: Prof. Dr. Kai-Oliver Schocke, Professor for Production Management and Logistics, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences


    The evaluation of sensor data enables efficient process control and optimisation on the shop floor and perfectly timed supply with the necessary semi-finished products and raw materials. Yet few firms are able to upgrade their machine pools all at one go as well as linking them to automatic parts picking. We use a case study to show how an existing disparate technical environment can be gradually adapted to modern Industry 4.0 production control standards using SAP ME including production logistics and the active shaping of the transformation process.


FF 2019 - Lickefett, F-IPA, EN


10:00 -

News from the smart factory

Using production data for artificial intelligence

  • Deutsch
Hall 8
Forum D
  • Chaired by: Michael Lickefett, Head of Department and Eduardo Colangelo, Project Director, Factory Planning and Production Management, Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart


    Production data is a rich resource and essential for anything from networking to artificial intelligence in factory operations. Two elements are vital in its effective application: The ‘digital shadow’ collects, consolidates and distributes all production data. And assistance systems apply the data from the digital shadow. In this forum we show the possible application scenarios