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High-ranking experts from industry and research will be talking about key themes and the latest trends in in-company logistics held in forums in the LogiMAT Arena.                                                                                                


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The emphasis will be very much on practical, successful solutions, thus giving maximum benefit to strategists and managers working in procurement, production, warehousing and dispatches.


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10:00 -

Opening ceremony and Best Product Award


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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Official opening of the LogiMAT  Trade Show
    by Michael Ruchty, Exhibition Director LogiMAT Stuttgart,
    EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH, Munich


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    Exhibitors will be honored for their innovative products

    The ‘Best Product’ award will be given in three categories:

    - Software, Communication, IT
    - Order picking, Conveying, Lifting, Storage technology
    - Identification, Packaging and Loading technology, Load securing

    Chaired by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Fottner, Chair in Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics at the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Munich


FF 2023 - ten Hompel, F-IML, EN


11:00 -

Artificial intelligence in intralogistics

Learning what we don't understand

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Michael ten Hompel, Managing Director, Fraunhofer Institute of Material Flow and Logistics (IML), Chair of Materials Handling and Warehousing, TU Dortmund University


    Some challenges in logistics are already better addressed with artificial intelligence, and some problems will be solved only with the help of AI. Whether it’s organizing a swarm of mobile robots, sifting through large databases, or calculating the next batch: Many things in intralogistics can only be inadequately described with formulas or managed with human instinct. This is where AI can help by learning things we don't understand. This forum shows how ChatGPT and similar technology will transform work for humans and machines alike.



    Stefan Hohm, CDO, DACHSER Group SE & Co. KG

    Dr. Henry Puhl, CTO, KION Group AG

    Markus Hacker, Regional Director Enterprise Business, NVIDIA Corporation


    Panel discussion with all presenters



FF 2023 - Lehmann, LH, EN


13:00 -

Transport and shipping packaging

How to best leverage the benefits of sustainability

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Sandra Lehmann, editor, LOGISTIK HEUTE, HUSS-VERLAG GmbH


    More and more consumers are demanding recyclable, environmentally friendly packaging. Logistics managers also reap economic and strategic advantages from low-impact or multi-use packaging, but many companies still find it challenging to truly leverage these benefits in their business operations. The LogiMAT trade forum “Transport and shipping packaging—How to best leverage the benefits of sustainability” looks at how manufacturers, retailers, and service providers can make sustainable packaging management a reality.


    Welcome and introduction
    Sandra Lehmann


    1:05–1:15 PM
    Using analytics to optimize the flow of recyclables
    Markus Weissenbäck, Head of Optimization Group, Supply Chain Services working group, Fraunhofer IIS
    1:15–1:25 PM
    Added value for the customer—Sustainability. Performance. Scalability.
    Dr. Michael Ott, Head of Logistics/Warehouse, van Eupen Logistik GmbH
    1:25–1:35 PM
    HERMA InNo-Liner: Linerless labeling system—less waste, less expense, less hassle
    Philipp Ott, Global Sales, Herma GmbH

    1:35–1:50 PM
    Joint panel discussion with all presenters
    Wrap-up and closing remarks
    Sandra Lehmann



FF 2023 - Fottner,TUM, EN


14:00 -

Logistics as a trailblazer of the circular economy

Paradigm shift for a sustainable future

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Fottner, Chair in Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics at the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Munich


    The transformation of industry and society to a carbon-neutral and sustainable future is the greatest challenge of the 21st century. One key element of this transition is the establishment of a circular economy—where single-use items and short product lifecycles yield to circular business models and closed cycles for raw materials and products. In this forum, experts from the academic and business communities explain how this process of transformation can succeed and the key role of logistics.





    2:00–2:10 PM:

    Niclas-Alexander Mauß, Research Assistant, TUM fml and
    Co-Founder & Head of Operations, CIRCULAR REPUBLIC – UnternehmerTUM GmbH

    2:10–2:20 PM

    Patrick Wiedemann, CEO, Reverse Logistics Group

    Panel discussion with:

    Niclas-Alexander Mauß, Patrick Wiedemann and


    Ute Lesch-Gebhardt, Advisory Board Chair, Gebhardt Logistic Solution GmbH
    Philipp Brunotte, Co-Founder, LiBCycle GmbH

FF 2023 - Scheel, EMVA, EN


15:00 -

Machine vision enabling next-gen logistics

Transforming the industry with computers that can see

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Oliver Scheel, Business Development Manager, EMVA – European Machine Vision Association


    The digital transformation of the logistics market is a macro-trend with profound implications for supply chain management, material handling, and warehouse operations. Machine vision plays a key role in making this transformation a reality by supporting solutions for identification, tracking, measurement, robot guidance, and many other important tasks. In this forum, the European Machine Vision Association offers an overview of some of the most exciting applications at the interface between machine vision and logistics.





    Imaging Lenses in Logistics – in focus
    Jörg Blätz, Head of Sales EMEA business division Industry, Schneider-Kreuznach Group
    Vision solutions for Logistic vehicles and warehouse automation
    Claus Haselmeier, Business Development Manager Embedded, Allied Vision Technologies GmbH
    Increase efficiency in logistics automation with the latest 3D Time-of-Flight cameras
    Torsten Wiesinger, General Manager EMEA, LUCID Vision Labs, Inc.
    3D Smart Sensors for Packaging and Logistics Applications
    Christian Benderoth, Regional Development Manager/Managing Director, EMEA, LMI Technologies GmbH

FF 2023 - Schulz, IFT-1, EN


16:00 -

Run for talents: training to win?

Professional development strategies to address the shortage of skilled workers

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Schulz, Director, Institute of Mechanical Handling and Logistics (IFT), University of Stuttgart


    In logistics, competition for the best minds is heating up. Good applicants have a choice and opt for the companies with the most attractive benefits. As their responsibilities constantly evolve, they count on ongoing professional development for the skills they need to play a role in shaping the future of logistics.

    That’s why professional development opportunities are right up there with financial incentives as a key factor in retaining new employees. Interdisciplinary formats that employees can complete alongside their employment are a particularly attractive strategy.



    4:00–4:15 PM
    Talent management at Lidl: What is the role of professional development?

    Dr.-Ing. Matthew Stinson, Logistik INT, Teamleader Intralogistics, Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG
    4:15–4:30 PM
    Studying while working—opportunities and challenges
    Michael Kratzert, MBE, Senior Consultant, L'ENGINEERS

    4:30–4:50 PM
    Roundtable with

    Dr.-Ing. Matthew Stinson, Michael Kratzert and


    Silke Hartmann,, Student Advising & Finances, University of Stuttgart