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High-ranking experts from industry and research will be talking about key themes and the latest trends in in-company logistics held in forums in the LogiMAT Arena.                                                                                  




The emphasis will be very much on practical, successful solutions, thus giving maximum benefit to strategists and managers working in procurement, production, warehousing and dispatches.




FF 2024 - Krupp, HSA_Ops, EN


10:00 -

Operations management—focus on the employee

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Eingang Ost
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    Moderated by: Prof. Dr. Michael Krupp, Professor of Logistics and SCM, Head of THA_ops Research Group for Optimized Value Chains, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences


    The labor shortage has long since had an impact on warehouses and logistics centers. Guiding unskilled workers is a core challenge, and operations managers have a key role to play here. But managers often have little or no training for this role. Join us for this forum to discuss the challenges facing operations managers. Hear the employee perspective and learn what they expect from managers. And talk with our experts about options for preparing managers for their core responsibility.



    From routine responsibilities to team leadership: the challenges of ops managers in logistics


    Nicole Lubecki-Weschke, Research Assistant, Supply Chain Services Working Group, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS
    Prof. Dr. Cornelia Niessen, Professor, Chair of Work and Organizational Psychology, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)


    Management in the warehouse: challenging or overwhelming?


    Oliver Hochstatter
    , Manager Cultural Change, Hermes Germany


    Talents from our own ranks: the talent program of the Andreas Schmid Group


    Lina Jahn, HR-Manager, Andreas Schmid Group

FF 2024 - Kaulfuhs-Berger, Technische Logistik, EN


11:00 -

Hype around the industrial metaverse—buzzword or genuine opportunity?

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Jan Kaulfuhs-Berger, editor in chief, Technische Logistik, HUSS-Medien GmbH


    Is the industrial metaverse just the next buzzword to drum up business for the same old digital twin technology, or is it the next big thing? The market for the industrial metaverse is forecast to grow to 100 billion dollars by 2030. Imagine an environment that gives us immersive access to the digital twins of industrial assets and lets us experience them interactively and adapt them collaboratively. What opportunities does the industrial metaverse hold for intralogistics? Where is it already being successfully deployed? And who ultimately benefits?



    Panel discussion with:



    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Domenik Kaever, Professor of Technical Logistics, Director of Institute for Technical Logistics (ITL), Graz University of Technology
    Markus Neumayer, Dipl.-Kfm., MBA, Regional Director, Amazon Logistics
    Theo Papadopoulos, Program Manager Simulation & Digital Twin, Head of Siemens Industrial Metaverse Lab, Siemens
    Mag. Karin Gabriel, Innovation & Trend Research Manager, TGW Logistics Group
    Dr. Fusheng Qiu, Tongji University and Vice Chairman of Logistics Engineering Institution, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES)



FF 2024- Altes, AIM - Aha, Ident, EN


13:00 -

AIDC as an enabling technology for automating and optimizing materials handling, supply chain management, and logistics

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Peter Altes, Director, AIM-D e. V with Thorsten Aha, editor in chief ident, Ident Verlag & Service GmbH


    Production, supply chain, and logistics remain at the very heart of the digital transformation process—with growing synergies. Automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) systems are the foundation of these processes and of the interaction between people, machines, and objects. The key challenges here are integration with software systems (such as OPC UA), cloud connectivity (IoT/IIoT), and reliable identification. The experts from AIM highlight the contribution of AIDC in the digital transformation of materials handling, supply chain management, and logistics as a whole.

    13:00 - 13:05 PM
    Introduction and moderation
    Thorsten Aha
    Peter Altes

      1:05 - 1:20 PM
    Reusable Packaging Regulation 2024: Where does logistics stand?
    Frank Linti,
    Director Business Innovation, inotec Group


      1:20 - 1:35 PM
    Beyond identification—overview and use cases for wireless sensors with a focus on transport and logistics
    Sylvo Jäger
    , Chief of Development, microsensys GmbH
    1:35 - 1:50 PM
    Camera identification using AI: How does it work? Example: number plate recognition with strategies for logistics
    Martin Hartwigsen
    , International Business Development, deister electronic GmbH


    Questions & Discussion



FF 2024 - Lickefett, F-IPA, EN


14:00 -

Order Management Quick Check

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Michael Lickefett, Dipl.-Ing., Head of Department for Factory Planning and Production Management, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA


    A quick analysis to identify targeted improvements: That’s the core idea behind the Order Management Quick Check. The Quick Check combines existing and newly developed methodologies with a focus on qualitative analyses. The analysis looks at the functional logic of planning and control along with its process and organizational structure to obtain an overall picture of the current situation with its strengths and weaknesses. A joint vision is developed as a basis for identifying where improvements can be made using best-practice solutions.


    Dipl.-Ing. Michael Lickefett, Head of the Department of Factory Planning and Production Management, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA


    The Order Management Quick Check 
    Dr. Ing. habil. Hans-Hermann Wiendahl, Head of Digital Fulfillment Group, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA
    Case study: integrated improvement of planning and control for seasonal manufacturers
    Peter Maier, Head of Organizational Development, Wiedenmann GmbH

FF 2024 - Pirron, IN-BW, EN


15:00 -

Opportunities for more sustainability in intralogistics

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Dr. Jörg Pirron, Chair of the Intralogistics Network in Baden-Württemberg and Managing Director, PROTEMA Unternehmensberatung GmbH


    Implementing sustainable intralogistics is no longer merely an option, it’s a strategic imperative. It begins with supply chain visibility and extends to smart energy-efficient buildings, technical systems, and low-impact packaging. It’s possible to maximize sustainability and efficiency at the same time through clever process design and organization. Training and sensitizing your employees is an essential prerequisite for successful implementation. This forum shows how to tap into trends to use energy and resources more efficiently, assume social responsibility, and streamline operations—all at the same time.




    Circular and flexible logistics concepts for sustainable and future-proof factories

    Mathias Stach, Associate Partner, Integral Factory Planning, Drees & Sommer SE
    Thoralf Krause, Manager, Head of Logistics, Drees & Sommer SE


    Sustainability in machinery and equipment manufacturing: a HOMAG case study


    Dr. Jürgen Bischoff, Vice President, Global Industrial Engineering, HOMAG GmbH