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High-ranking experts from industry and research will be talking about key themes and the latest trends in in-company logistics held in forums in the LogiMAT Arena.                                                                                                


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The emphasis will be very much on practical, successful solutions, thus giving maximum benefit to strategists and managers working in procurement, production, warehousing and dispatches.


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FF 2023 - Wimmer, BAYFU, EN


10:00 -

5G: Foundation of digital industry

Why a 5G campus network is a must for industry

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Stefan Wimmer, Managing Partner, Bayerische Funknetz GmbH (BAYFU)


    The mobile communications and industry experts at BAYFU offer an exciting glimpse into 5G technology and how it can help businesses face the challenges of digital transformation. Attendees also get a field report from the Prinzhorn Group, which has already successfully deployed a 5G campus network.
    This trade forum addresses the most urgent industry issues and explains how 5G campus networks can be a flexible, scalable, future-proof tool for raising critical operational technology apps to a new level.




    10:00–10:35 AM
    5G Campus: Foundation of digital industry
    Stefan Wimmer, Managing Partner, Bayerische Funknetz GmbH (BAYFU)
    10:35–10:50 AM
    5G campus in operation at the Prinzhorn Group—insights and experience
    Michael Krumay, Head of Technology, Hamburger Containerboard of Prinzhorn Group



FF 2023 - Kaulfuhs-Berger, Technische Logistik, EN


11:00 -

Parallel worlds in logistics

Mobile robotics in the warehouse, transport and traffic on the road

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Jan Kaulfuhs-Berger, editor in chief, Technische Logistik, HUSS-Medien GmbH


    This exciting panel discussion begins with a clarification of key terminology before exploring how the full potential of autonomous/automated vehicles can be unleashed by integrating them into fully automated, fully digital business processes. A conversation on the parallels between intralogistics and public transportation follows. The existential question in all of this: Do we actually need autonomous functions—in warehouses and on the road.




    Panel discussion with:



    Dr.-Ing. Günter Ullrich, Managing Partner, Forum-FTS GmbH; Head of VDI Technical Committee for AGVs
    Daniel Knopp, Sales Manager Automation, K. Hartwell Oy Ab

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Meinberg, Chairman, CURPAS e.V. and CEO, TITUS Research GmbH


FF 2023- Altes, AIM - Aha, Ident, EN


13:00 -

Digital Supply Chain: Design and Optimization

Auto ID as an enabling technology

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Peter Altes, Director, AIM-D e. V with Thorsten Aha, editor in chief ident, Ident Verlag & Service GmbH


    Production, supply chain, and logistics are at the very heart of the digital transformation process—with growing synergies. Systems of automatic identification (auto ID) are the foundation of this process and of the communication between people, machines, and objects. The key challenges here are integration with software systems, cloud connectivity (IoT/IIoT), and the accompanying security concerns. The AIM experts illustrate and explain how auto ID is facilitating this digital transformation toward the more efficient management and optimization of business processes.



    1:00–1:05 PM
    Introduction and moderation

    Thorsten Aha and Peter Altes

    1:05–1:20 PM
    Value of RAIN RFID – The value of an easy to use identification technology goes beyond simply providing an item with an id
    Lars Thuring, Senior Manager Strategy & Product Management, Logopak Systeme GmbH & Co. KG
    1:20–1:35 PM
    Marking flexible space partitioning systems with NFC-Technology

    Sebastian Grüttner, Business Development Manager, smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG
    1:35–1:50 PM
    Why do many companies still use recyclable containers or packaging that aren’t smart and IoT-ready?
    Smart containers and packaging open the door to next-gen logistics

    Frank Linti, Director Business Innovation, inotec Group




FF 2023 - Lickefett, F-IPA, EN


14:00 -

WertstromDigital—The digital value stream method

Keeping a watchful eye on your performance and sustainability

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Michael Lickefett, Dipl.-Ing., Head of Department for Factory Planning and Production Management, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA


    Fraunhofer IPA is dedicated to taking the classic value stream method to the next level with digital tools. Data that is collected digitally and the value stream metrics it yields are often more accurate, up-to-date, and complete than the same data collected using clipboards and mean value estimation. We are working to integrate digital data acquisition capabilities into the value stream methodology. In concrete terms, this means helping you leverage production data from the source to the visualized value stream indicator.


    2:00–2:05 PM
    The automation of the gemba walk (intro)
    Michael Lickefett, Dipl.-Ing.


    2:05–2:25 PM
    The automation of the gemba walk (digital value stream analysis)
    Markus Böhm, Dipl.-Ing.,Director of WertstromDigital, Fraunhofer IPA

      2:25–2:50 PM
    The automation of the gemba walk (technical aspects)
    Yannick Mayer, M.Sc., Research Assistant for Autonomous Production Optimization, Fraunhofer IPA

FF 2023 - Pirron, IN-BW, EN


15:00 -

Intralogistics trends: launchpad or dead end?

Identify and leverage new trends

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Dr. Jörg Pirron, Chair of the Intralogistics Network in Baden-Württemberg and Managing Director, PROTEMA Unternehmensberatung GmbH


    There is definitely no shortage of trends and new developments in intralogistics. Some address procedural and organizational issues, and some are technical solutions whose practicality and cost-effectiveness even the experts find difficult to assess.

    The experts at the I.N. Forum delve into the following key questions:
    What trends or innovations are actually sustainable?
    What adds real value and what is just a waste of money?
    What are more long-term concerns, and what might just be dead ends?



    The great tragedy of intralogistics –
    The destruction of a beautiful trend by the ugly face of data reality

    Alexander Kopp, Team Leader and Manager, PROTEMA Unternehmensberatung GmbH
    Integral planning as an enabler for the logistics and factory of the future
    Mathias Stach, Associate Partner, Drees & Sommer SE