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High-ranking experts from industry and research will be talking about key themes and the latest trends in in-company logistics held in forums in the LogiMAT Arena.                                                                                  




The emphasis will be very much on practical, successful solutions, thus giving maximum benefit to strategists and managers working in procurement, production, warehousing and dispatches.






10:00 -

Opening ceremony and Best Product Award


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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Shaping change together
    Sustainability - AI - Ergonomics


    Official opening of the LogiMAT  Trade Show
    by Michael Ruchty, Exhibition Director LogiMAT Stuttgart,
    EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH, Munich


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    Exhibitors will be honored for their innovative products

    The ‘Best Product’ award will be given in three categories:

    • Software, Communication, IT
    • Order picking, Conveying, Lifting, Storage technology
    • Identification, Packaging and Loading technology, Load securing

    Chaired by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Fottner, Chair in Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics at the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Munich


FF 2024 - ten Hompel, F-IML, EN


11:00 -

New trends and startups from blockchain to platforms, from AI to AGVs

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Michael ten Hompel, Managing Director, Fraunhofer Institute of Material Flow and Logistics (IML), Chair of Materials Handling and Warehousing, TU Dortmund, Dortmund Director of Lamarr Institute for Machine Learning and AI



    The future belongs to the bold! The kind of dystopian scenarios we so often encounter obscure the opportunities that AI, blockchain, and the platform economy now offer. Ignoring these current opportunities in favor of a supposedly better future leads to missed opportunities. This forum brings together three young founders and a researcher to talk about how they face the future and how they are developing new technologies, tapping into new markets, and inspiring investors with their confidence. The panel will address the issues of our times: artificial intelligence, blockchain, platforms-as-a-service—and last but not least, the future of intralogistics.


    11:00–11:10 AM
    The power of confidence: new trends and startups, from blockchain to AI

    Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael ten Hompel


    11:10–11:30 AM    
    Opening remarks


    Dr.-Ing. Sascha Feldhorst, CEO, MotionMiners GmbH
    Christian Hammermeister, Founder, Borderless Technologies GmbH
    Dr. Philipp Hüning, CEO, Logistikbude GmbH

    11:30–11:50 AM    Panel discussion with all speakers



FF 2024 - Lehmann, LH, EN


13:00 -

Smart packaging: packages that think outside the box

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Sandra Lehmann, editor, LOGISTIK HEUTE, HUSS-VERLAG GmbH


    Will packages someday be able to control their own shipping? Will they someday know what they contain and what the carbon footprint of their transport is? Smart packaging is still considered a distant dream, but how far along is the technology actually? LOGISTIK HEUTE is joined by experts from the academic and business communities to explore these questions in the LogiMAT expert forum “Smart packaging: packages that think outside the box.”



    Make packing more intelligent—with 3D-iPackAssist
    Dr. Volker Lange
    , Head of Packaging and Retail Logistics, Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML Dortmund
    The perfect package: metaheuristics and reinforcement learning in logistics
    Eduard Wagner
    , Managing Director and CIO, TUP, Stutensee
    Smart transport packaging
    Philipp Tessnow
    , Business Project Manager Digital, THIMM Group



FF 2024 - Fottner,TUM, EN


14:00 -

Circular logistics—disassembly as a foundation for sustainability

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Fottner, Chair in Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics at the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Munich


    A scarcity of resources coupled with new legislation requires that material be reused after its first lifecycle. Besides recycling, the focus is primarily on the reuse and refurbishment of end-of-life products. The forum brings experts to discuss the disassembly and logistics processes, and how the disassembly of end-of-life products can be the foundation for sustainability. TU Munich is partnering with the automotive industry on various research projects on the disassembly and reuse of components. This knowledge is then fed back into product development.



    Dr. Christian Lieb, Partner, Mews Partners
    Carolin Escherich, Research Assistant, Department of Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics (fml), Technical University of Munich (TUM)

    Panel discussion with other participants



FF 2024 - Müller, EMVA, EN


15:00 -

Machine vision—key to next-gen logistics

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Dr. Ronald Müller, Member of the Board of Directors EMVA (European Machine Vision Association) & CEO of Vision Markets


    A recognized expert from the European Machine Vision Association will offer attendees an introduction to the characteristics and current trends of machine vision, followed by a brief overview of the many industrial machine vision solutions. The focus will be on the new technological possibilities and the value they add in various applications, from package logistics to warehousing to manufacturing intralogistics. These solutions can automate and accelerate end-to-end processes, prevent errors, and dramatically improve employee safety.


    Machine vision—key to next-gen logistics
    Dr. Ronald Müller


    One camera platform—six interfaces
    Claus Haselmeier, Business Development Manager Embedded, Allied Vision Technologies GmbH
    AI-powered automated damage detection
    Ivar Keulers, Engineering Lead EMEA, ZEBRA Technologies
    Optimizing warehouse automation and material handling with the latest 3D time-of-flight cameras
    Torsten Wiesinger, General Manager EMEA, LUCID Vision Labs Inc.
    Machine vision installation, connected by Murr
    Simon Knapp, Solution Manager Vision, Murrelektronik GmbH
    pvBoxchecker—flexible screening station for packages or products on conveyor belts
    Patrick Gailer, Managing Director, phil-vision GmbH
    Warehouse automation
    Kathrin Martens, Product Market Manager – Marketing EMEA, Basler AG
    3D vision for smart intralogistics
    Dr. Michael Suppa, CEO, Roboception GmbH

    What are the slowing factors in scaling driverless vehicles?
    Mike Gonschior, VP Product Management Machine Vision, ifm electronic gmbh


FF 2024 - Schulz, IFT-1, EN


16:00 -

Logistics for fluid production

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LogiMAT Arena - Atrium, Entrance East
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    Moderated by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Schulz, Director, Institute of Mechanical Handling and Logistics (IFT), University of Stuttgart


    Shorter product lifecycles, increasingly diverse product lines, and volatile sales are among the challenges of our time. Variable production models such as fluid production offer the flexibility and adaptability needed to respond to these ever-changing requirements. But tapping into this potential depends on the appropriate logistics. This forum explores various aspects of logistics in fluid production, including logistics and safety concepts and hardware and software components.



    Fluid production logistics—opportunities and challenges
    Ali Bozkurt, Research Assistant, Institute of Mechanical Handling and Logistics, University of Stuttgart
    Adaptability through software-defined manufacturing in the Bosch Factory of the Future
    Benedikt Feldotto, Project Director, Software-Defined Factory Operations, Corporate Research, Robert Bosch GmbH
    Innovative methods for securing mobile production units—shared safety
    Bernd Neuschwander, Team Manager, Advanced Development, Pilz GmbH & Co. KG